Momo Ghar.

Dumplings are one of my favorite foods. There’s so many different ways to make them by different kinds of fillings and there’s different styles depending on what part of the world you’re at. Momo dumplings originate from Nepal and Tibet and they taste different from any other type of dumplings I ever had. It’s a tad sweeter than a Japanese gyoza, but it tastes like there’s some lemongrass to balance it out.
You would never expect this place to be inside an international supermarket and when you walk up, you notice how tiny it is but each seat is always taken. I’ve seen this place in here since Saraga has been open but never came to eat until recently. They’re the only place I’ve ever seen on Yelp that has exactly five stars with hundreds of people reviewing them, along with hearing rave reviews from local news and friends. This place is one of a kind, where they actually make the dumplings fresh to order. I’ve never seen anything like it!
The most popular dish here is the Jhol Momo. It’s a bowl of spicy, tomato based broth of deliciousness with chicken filled momos that are very moist and cilantro to top it off. Literally, this dish is crack. It’s amazing beyond anything I’ve had. The spice isn’t a lot, but it adds up and the cilantro brings a lot of freshness to the meal. My recommendation is to get a side of bread, because they make that fresh too and it’s super soft, because you literally want all the sauce down to the bowl being empty. Best part is it’s worth the bang for your buck!!


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