Pida Patty Pop-Up at OSU.

My childhood friend Sophida started making sweets a couple years back and I prefer her macaroons over everyone else’s because they are amazinggg. Her first pop-up for bubble waffles was at the OSU Khmer Association celebration for their New Year and we decided to go visit.

Bubble waffles originated in Hong Kong as one of their popular street foods. Story has it that they were made when eggs were considered a luxury to have, so the eggless batter was made in the egg-shaped mold. Originally, they’re eaten by themselves but sometime they’re made to eat with fruits. Nowadays, they’re eaten with ice cream and different toppings.

When Sophida made mine, I asked for chocolate ice cream, chocolate Pocky, an Oreo, and a chocolate filled wafer stick. She also offers vanilla ice cream, Fruity Pebbles, sprinkles, chocolate and strawberry syrups, whipped cream, chocolate chip cookies, and strawberry Pocky. The waffle was so moist and with the mixture of the waffle and ice cream, it just melted together so well. Of course the Pocky and chocolate filled wafer stick made it so much better. I’m so glad she started making these because I’ve always wanted to try them and now I have a good example of what they’re supposed to taste like!


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