Alegria’s Seafood.

So my boyfriend’s big 2-9 birthday was a couple days ago on St. Patty’s Day and we decided to go out to eat with some friends at this restaurant I’ve heard nothing but great comments. It’s a family owned business that focuses on seafood cuisine from the Mexican West Coast.

I started off with a House Margarita, which was perfectly sour and sweet. Not only was it refreshing, but it was a good amount for the price. I was able to get one with the happy hour price (their happy hour is 4pm-8pm). I also got mine without the salt on the rim, but nonetheless, it was perfect.

For my meal, I got the Alegria’s Mix. It’s a raw seafood ceviche meal with fresh corn tortillas on the side. There was scallops, shrimp, octopus, clams, oysters, fish, and crab with cucumber and avocado to garnish the dish. The flavors and the freshness of this dish were unreal. They also give you limes on the side to being out the flavor, and that just took the dish to a whole other level.

Each plate that came out was very generous in size so we were able to share our meals with everyone. It’s a good, chill spot to bring friends and eat in big groups. We’ll definitely be back for sure.


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