The Guild House.

The Guild House has been one of our bucket list restaurants. Since it’s a nicer and upscale restaurant, we’ve only wanted to come here for special occasions so what better than to try this place for Valentine’s Day. This restaurant is one of the many branches of Cameron Mitchell restaurants in the heart of Short North, which the places I’ve been to of his are always delicious.

Starting out, they had a list of gin specials as some of their Valentine’s Day specials. I didn’t get the name of the one drink I ordered but the drink had gin, lychee (a very sweet Asian fruit which is one of my favorites) and lavender. The gin wasn’t overpowering and the drink was very sweet, but refreshing.

We decided to try their seasonal special soup, which was a carrot curry purée. It had the right amount of spice and it was creamy and interesting, but in a good way. The other appetizer we started with was the Flatbread, which has smoked ham, dried shiitake mushroom, scallions, cilantro, and white bean purée on a flaky crust. The crust is amazing! It was crispy on the outside but soft in the inside.

For my entree, I ordered the Ricotta Gnocchi and added chicken to it. It also had carrots and beets while mixed in with a thick chicken based sauce (the dish normally comes with peas and mushrooms, two vegetables I dislike). The gnocchi was made in house and the cheese was very rich. The dough is soft and fresh but the crunch of the vegetables mixed everything together very well since everything else was soft.

The food wasn’t only delicious, it was a good restaurant experience. The presentations are gorgeous along with the decor. The decor is definitely house goals! I definitely want to try this place again but for brunch, I heard it’s yummy! Hopefully we’ll go again sooner than later.


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