Peking Hot Pot.

Hot pot is one of the best comfort meals I had growing up. I just remember sharing the pot in the middle of the table with my whole family and having a good time while enjoying delicious food. Hot pot originated in East Asia and because it’s popular in a lot of Asian countries, there’s different variations of broth depending on what the person prefers. The pot sits in the middle of the table with a simmering broth and everyone around the table throws in different ingredients such as meat, seafood, veggies, tofu, dumplings, noodles, and so on. It’s nice because you can eat this with multiple people and don’t have to worry about cooking a meal for a lot of people when everyone cooks for themselves.

Peking Hot Pot has a slightly different style of hot pot because instead of having everyone eating from the same broth pot in the middle, each person gets their own. They offer an all you can eat option which has a pretty good sized list of what you’re allowed to order off of it. There’s different kinds of broth to choose from, but every time I go I always get the Thai broth. It taste like a lighter version of traditional Thai Tom Yum soup, but not as flavorful. Nonetheless, it’s still good. There’s different kinds of noodles, mushrooms, meats, tofus, fish balls, and veggies that you can choose from. I was there with six other people so there was a pretty large variety.

Everything I made for mine was good…but it has to be since I can’t blame anyone if it isn’t good since I threw in my own ingredients, haha. The flavor and the ingredients are very light, but filling. A big plus on this place is if you’re looking for a late night restaurant, this is one of the few that are open super late. I also hear that they have a BYOB alcohol license, but I didn’t get enough details to find out. This is definitely a nice place to try, especially if you are a soup lover and also if you want to try a different dining experience!


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