Simply Rolled Pop-Up at Oats and Barley.

My first post dedicated to just dessert, yummy dessert if that! Rolled ice cream is one of the popular street foods of Thailand and other East Asian countries. I remember my last time I went overseas and ate this in Thailand, it was such a cool experience! The ice cream maker uses an ice grill and pours milk and mixes in fruit and/or other ingredients. It gets mixed and chopped until everything is in a consistent mixture. Then, it’s gets flattened out and rolled into little rolls and more toppings are added on top. Sometimes chocolate syrup or other sweets are added on top too.

I ordered the Oreo mixture and had an Oreo, chocolate Pocky sticks and strawberries on top. It was so yummy! The texture is very creamy and the Oreo gave it a good crunch. The strawberry gave it a very nice fresh flavor too so it didn’t make the bowl too chocolately. It was definitely worth the wait (I waited thirty minutes but some people waited several hours). I would definitely follow Simply Rolled to their next pop ups and eat this again!


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