Silla is one of my favorite go to restaurants to visit in town. It has been in business for more than twenty years and specialize in Korean and Japanese food. Another plus about this place is that they close at 2 AM Tuesday through Sunday!

Just about every time I eat here, I always get the Budae Ji Gae. This dish translates as army stew because after the Korean War, food was very hard to find and this was a popular dish to make during that time. The soup base is made of gochujang (red chili paste) and kimchi and comes out in a small soup pan and burner. Spam and hot dogs are some of the standard ingredients in the soup, but they also have tofu, Korean rice cake, vermicelli noodles, jalapeño, and provolone cheese on top. Traditional Korean food comes with side dishes and the dishes offered with this meal are kimchi, cucumber kimchi, gamjakorim (soy-braised potatoes), and fish cake.

The best part of the soup is how it’s a perfect combination of sourness and spiciness. My close friends know I love sour food and spicy food, but this dish is the right amount because neither flavor is overdone. The Korean rice cake is also one of my favorite ingredients in the soup because it tastes like a thick, doughy noodle. The portion feeds up to two people but if you wanna share with more people, they allow you a bigger pan option. Overall, I could literally eat this dish every day if I wanted to!


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