Hi friends! I decided to go out to dinner with my boyfriend last night and we were both wanting something healthy, not super filling. As we were driving, we thought about Bareburger, which is all organic, non-GMO, all natural, grass-fed meats…in other words, mad healthy for you! We haven’t been to Bareburger since they first opened in 2014 so we headed our way there.

Obviously, Bareburger is known for their burgers so they have two options on what kind you can order: their speciality list and build-your-own. They have all different kinds of different proteins to choose from such as bison, elk and wild boar, but there’s also falafel for a vegetarian option. All the sides and sauces are made in house too.

Some of the menu items have changed on the menu but all the more reason to try new things. First thing we ordered was the Sriracha roasted brussel sprouts. It was also paired with duck bacon (which I never knew was a real thing but oh my goodness is it amazinggg), Sriracha aioli, roasted quinoa, feta cheese, and raw sprouts on top. The flavors all together, from the charred brussel sprouts mixing with the saltiness of the duck bacon topped with the spice of the Sriracha aioli was so tasty, that our mouths literally watered with each bite we took.

The burgers come out and they’re a lot smaller than I remembered, which is great for me because I’m all about portion control and trying not to overeat. I ordered the Fire Quacker, which is one of the speciality burgers. The burger protein is duck, which was super moist and earthy. It was topped with pickled jalapeños, spinach, pepper jack cheese, and got the habanero mayo on the side (I asked for no red onion and no tomato which is how the burger normally comes). I never had duck in a burger but with the toppings, it took this already juicy burger to the top.

You also get your choice of sides, which are an up charge, but completely worth it. Each time I’ve eaten here, I’ve always gotten the spicy pickles. I loveee sour food, especially pickles, and like I stated earlier, they make their sides in house. The spice on them is a good kick and they’re also pickled to sour perfection.

My boyfriend opted for the El Matador burger and the side of sweet potato fries. I got to try his burger which had bison topped with queso fresco, pickled jalapeños, guacamole, spinach, and pico de gallo. His was so moist and good, I almost ate all of his! The sweet potato fries were perfectly seasoned, not too much salt and you can still taste the natural flavors of how a sweet potato should taste.


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