Official First Post – Poke Bros.

Hi friends! I decided to start a blog on my food adventures as a new hobby because of obsession with food and trying new things. I’ve also been wanting to try a new hobby that I’ve been interested in for some time since I always post food pics on my social media.

I love poke! It’s a raw fish bowl originated from Hawaii and filled with seafood and veggies on a bed of rice and sauces. When I heard that there was a new poke restaurant opening, I wanted to try it out.

Walking into Poke Bros, I noticed it was set up “Chipotle style” meaning you walk up and tell them what you want in your bowl so it’s personalized to you. There’s a choice between white and brown rice and many seafood options, along with tofu and vegetarian options. I was excited to try octopus but they were out (super sad face) so I opted for salmon. I got my toppings added (jalapeño, avocado, edamame, cucumber, seaweed salad, green onions, masago, tempura crumbs, and sesame seeds) and got the OG sauce, the signature sauce, and Sriracha aioli on top.

The first thing I noticed when I took a bite is how fresh everything was! From the veggies to the fish, it was so good. Portion size was filling too. Overall, this place is a delicious, healthy option with very fresh ingredients and I definitely will be back! Hopefully next time, I’ll get to try the octopus bowl.



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  1. This is mad dope. Will definitely be following your blog. Much love and success @NiiiceNikes 🤘🏽


  2. Super stoked about this!

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